Vista Diagnostics International
Vista Diagnostics promotes the development, production, and distribution of rapid diagnostics tests for major infectious disease.

Rapid Diagnostic Test Development

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Raw Materials and Equipment

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Training and Technology Transfer

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New Antibodies and Promotions

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rapid diagnostic testing for infectious disease in resource-limited countries

Our Mission

Vista Diagnostics International's (Vista) mission is to promote the development, production, and distribution of high quality rapid diagnostic tests, particularly for use in resource-limited countries.

training for the production of colloidal gold conjugates and lateral flow tests

What we Do

Vista develops accurate, affordable, and appropriate rapid diagnostic tests for major infectious diseases. We then transfer the development, production, and distribution of the tests to qualified manufacturers, primarily in developing countries.

new antibodies and promotions of rapid tests for detecting malaria antigens

What makes Vista different?

After a test is developed we transfer the complete know-how to make a test, including methods such as production of colloidal gold and latex conjugates.

Other companies that claim to transfer technology do not disclose the processes for making these critical reagents, in essence to assure that their clients will continue to buy these materials from them. Because we do not manufacture completed tests we are not in competition with commercial test manufacturers. We operate in a completely transparent mode: our clients know exactly what they are paying for and are free to use the know-how as they wish, with or without our continued involvement.

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News and Developments

Ultra-Sensitive Malaria Tests

Ultra Sensitive Malaria Tests

Conventional malaria RDTs are not sensitive enough to detect the low levels of parasitemia that represent the invisible reservoir of malaria infection.
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Field Work Updates
Vista is committed to promoting the use of Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDTs) in resource-limited countries not only through the sale of tests by the manufacturers we work with, but also through additional field work.

Since Vista's initial field work on Wetar Island, a remote island of eastern Indonesia, we have continued to work with The Community Empowerment Project at Batutua Tembaga Raya/Wetar Copper Project.
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The Vista team attends the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC) Clinical Lab Expo annually. Although Vista does not have a booth, we use this time to meet with customers and find new suppliers for the materials needed for RDT manufacturing. If you would like to meet with a Vista representative, please contact LouAnn Hepp at 425.444.0819 or